Albert Place

This two stage project working alongside interior designer Anna Goulandris initially involved a complete refurbishment of the clients’ four storey semi-detached town house. This was followed two years later by a refurbishment of the
neighbouring attached town house, and combining the two into one home.

The project included:

  • Mahogany room doors and ‘bookshelf’ storage cabinets with faux book ends applied to the cabinet doors
  • Specialist finishes, including ‘Raj tent’ style sitting room with fabric sourced and manufactured in India
  • New stone and hardwood floor finishes, and decorations throughout
  • Structural alterations to achieve coherent redesign of layout for all four floors
  • A suspended link conservatory at raised ground floor level at the rear of the properties
  • Design of new mechanical & electrical services including lighting design
  • Interior design to achieve consistency between the two properties

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- John Smith, Company Name